Seven marathon truths

This was posted by another Boston Marathon runner from a training group I am in (Tony Garcia). So much of it resonates with me.

Seven truths about running a marathon.
1. If you are willing to begin, somewhere within you, is the will to finish.
2. Being afraid, well, that happens. Being brave, well, that is a decision.
3. At some point in time, you will be challenged. Knowing that, you should already know what your response will be.
4. You can stress about the impending weather. Or, you can create a climate within you that is impervious to it.
5. Relinquish the need to compare your pace to that of another. You share the same course, but no one is running the same race.
6. If you are not celebrating the journey, you may have lost sight of the goal.
7. The single greatest fuel you can carry is the belief you hold about your capacity to endure.

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