One week to go!

The race is officially one week from today! I cannot believe I am finally going to make it there, after so many ups and downs in this training. I feel very undertrained and will be taking it VERY easy in the race, likely doing a lot of walking. But my main goal is to get to the start line and then get to the finish line– that is it.

I will be leaving to go on Thursday night, arriving in Boston on Friday morning. There are lots of activities with my team and other pre-marathon events that I will be attending from Friday to Sunday. Right now the weather forecast is for rain and cool; if it is light rain, that would be perfect. I am packing for anything.

There is live tracking tracking during the race, so you can follow my progress in that way. You can either download the “B.A.A. Marathon” app for your phone, or use the website (search for “Boston Marathon tracking” on race day and it will take you there). My bib number is 29684, but you can also find me by searching for me by name.

And in this last week before heading to Boston, I am happy to say that I have surpassed my fundraising goal of $7500! My fundraising page will still be open for donations until May 6, so there is still time to donate if you were thinking about it. Thanks to all of you for your support!

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