Week 18: Late update, taper crazies

I am very sorry for this late update! It has been a bit of an up and down couple of weeks, where I have not been able to do much running. My post-tib tendon started acting cranky the week after the long run last Monday, so I have been doing more walking than running. I started to have doubts that I could finish the marathon at the pace I can run now, but I am pushing those doubts aside. I will be there and I will finish, no matter how long it takes me.

The long “run” I did on this past Sunday turned into more of a walk than a run, but I did get done a total of 15K of walking and running. It’s taper time, and all is good!

I have been in touch with many friends that are doing the marathon as well as those in my BPL fundraising group. There is a lot of anxiety building up as the date gets closer. We have put so much into this race, with the fundraising, training, and anticipation. I will be in Boston one week from today, and looking forward to the entire experience.

Thanks again to all who have supported me through this journey. There is still time to donate (link at the top of this page) and every dollar is appreciated.

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