Week 17: Longest run… again

Sorry for the late update; running is going well. I was able to run 5 days last week, but had to put off my long run until Monday. Still, it was my best run to date; 25K running plus 3K walking before and 2K after, for a total of 30K. And best of all– no falls!
I am still a bit behind in the training, but as they say, there’s no cramming in marathon training. I will get done what I can and I will be there. It is all a bit daunting now; my watch tells me 18 days to go. I just watched a video previewing the course– the video takes less than ten minutes to watch, but it STILL seems very long.
I will be thinking about all the support you have all given me when I am out there. It will carry me as I run. Thank you all.

I have received my race tank top from the Boston Public Library; my team will be wearing these during the race. 🙂

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