Week 16: I’m counting it all!


This week was very successful. I am feeling better every day, and gradually building my running mileage back up. I also have been doing a lot of walking to make up for the running mileage I am missing: walking at the end and beginning of runs, plus some extra evening walks. And I’m counting it all! With the walking and one session of water running, I actually covered more mileage than my 70K week three weeks ago.

Today on my long run I felt like I had finally turned the corner with this injury, and managed 16K (10 miles) of running plus 5K (3 miles) of walking (3K before and 2K after the run). That’s a total of 21K, or 13 miles– a half-marathon distance! Today gave me even more confidence that I will be able to finish this marathon in four weeks.

Summary of this week’s training (week of March 11-17):

Mon: Rest
Tue: 45 min spin bike
Wed: 7K run plus 1.5K walk in the morning; 5K evening walk
Thur: 1-hour water run (calling it “8K”) in the morning; 5K evening walk
Fri: 8.5K run, plus 1.5K walk in the morning; 5K evening walk
Sat: 3.2K run to gym, 45 min spin bike, 3.2K run home
Sun: 3K walk, 16K run, 2K walk (all in succession)

Total: 73.5K running, walking, and water running, plus 2 spin bike workouts

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