Week 15: Everything in its time


I am not fully recovered, but I am recovering. I have been able to do some “longer” run/walks this week with only minor symptoms. I know I can get to the start line and I know I can get to the finish line. It will take me longer than I had originally planned, but I am confident I will be able to finish in under the 6-hour official cut-off for the marathon.

There are 36 days left before the marathon, and I am ready to make my final fundraising push. I am close to my goal, but still have a bit to go. Thanks again to all who have donated, and I will be bugging you if you have pledged but not yet donated. 🙂

My week, as summarized by my Garmin, which includes an 11K run/walk in 1 hr 36 min today. That’s a pace that is very comfortable for my legs and tolerable for my head right now.


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