Week 14: Taking time to recover


This week did not go as originally planned. When I fell last Sunday, I didn’t think anything was seriously wrong, but Tuesday was able to confirm that I triggered some old concussion symptoms– slight headaches, dizziness, which get worse after intense activity. It is very mild – I have no cognitive or memory issues, only physical. And having been through this before, I know what signs to look for, how to mitigate the symptoms and enhance my recovery.

So I have to back off on my intense running schedule greatly. But the good news is I have been able to get back to activity gradually (walking, stationary bike, a little bit of very easy running). Recent research has shown that aerobic activity can enhance recovery, as long as symptoms aren’t worsened. Today I couldn’t do a long run, but I was able to walk to the gym (about 25 minutes from my house, do a 45-minute spin bike workout (very easy intensity), and walk home. With careful attention to signs from my body and following the concussion-recovery protocols, I should be back to running soon. It may not be at the same level as my training was before, but I will be able to get to that starting line in Boston.

Some things that help in my recovery:

1. Lots of fluids, including Nuun and herbal tea.
2. Sugar! And other carbs. I know that this is not the time for me to try to limit carbs. I don’t know what the research is on this, but I know brains work on glucose, and anecdotally, I do feel better when I eat carbs.
3. Meditation. I have found a lot of good meditation routines on YouTube (including some by Calm.com, and UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center – MARC). They help me relax and calm my nervous system.
4. Staying positive, being patient and accepting. I am fortunate in that this could have been much worse, and I know I will recover.

Activity for the week:


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