Week 13: First 70K week


I had a beautiful day for my long run today, 27K capping off a 70K week! This was a treat after two not-so-nice weather days where I ran on the treadmill or outside in the rain.
Overall I am feeling great. But on one hand I feel like I’m crushing the training, but on the other hand I feel like sometimes it just gets to be TOO LONG. Who knows what I will do after Boston; for now I will just take one day at a time and get there.
I took a small tumble near the end of my run today, which I am confident I will recover from well after some rest tonight and tomorrow. I may need to start wrapping myself in bubble wrap. 50 days to go!!

Summary of the week (Week of Feb 18-24):
Mon: Rest
Tue: OTF with 4.5K running
Wed: 11K easy outside
Thur: OTF with 4.5K running
Fri: 13K easy on treadmill
Sat: 10K easy outside (crappy weather)
Sun: 27K LONG run in 3:07. EEP!
Total: 70K

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