Week 12: Runs getting longer

The snow is mostly gone and today was a gorgeous day for a long run. It was my longest run in over a year (24K, or 15 miles). I was not sure I could do it, but I pushed the negative thoughts out of my head and just did it. I even shut off my music for an hour in the middle of the run; I wanted to listen to the ocean and environment, and also work on my confidence. Surprisingly, I actually felt best physically during this portion of the run.

The rest of the week was also really good, but I made the mistake of doing a bit too much hard running in the runs from Wednesday to Friday. Tuesday is usually an Orange Theory day, but with fresh snow on the roads and school and work cancelled for our whole family, I opted instead to stay home and do an easy run on the fresh snow. Wednesday was my progression tempo run on the treadmill, and Thursday back to Orange Theory. Friday should have been an easy run, and the weather kept me indoors on the treadmill. One side-effect of loving the Orange Theory classes is that I am often tempted to push too hard on the treadmill on my easy runs. I kept it in control on most of the 12K (7.5 mile) run, but decided to push it a bit at the end. I paid for this on Saturday, when my legs felt heavy and dead. But I recovered by Sunday, and had one of the best runs of the training so far.

I also ran my biggest mileage week, at 63.5K. My confidence is increasing– I think I might actually be able to do this marathon. 😉

Summary of the week (Feb 11-17)

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5K easy on fresh snow
Wed: 10.5K on treadmill with 4K tempo
Thur: OTF, 4K running
Fri: 12K on treadmill, easy but a bit faster at the end
Sat: 8K very easy outside on ice and dead legs
Sun: 24K long run in 2:49. 8)

Total: 63.5K


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