Week 11: Snowing, racing, and resting

Yes, we have snow in Vancouver! It does not happen that often in the winter here; last year we had hardly any. But some years, like 2017, we get more than our share. Yesterday was the first of this winter’s snowfall, dumping 6-12 inches on the area. More snow is coming tonight and through the week, so commuting should be interesting. I actually enjoy running on snow, so will get outside to run if I can. But not today, because it’s Monday, and Monday is rest day. Yesterday (before the snow) was also the First Half Half-marathon (named because it comes about half-way through the winter/spring training that many people are doing for marathons. I ran it at my training pace, which is slower that my half-marathon race pace, but could very well be my marathon pace for this marathon. Although there was no snow, it was very cold for us Vancouverites. But it actually was a beautiful day of running.

The race capped what is now my longest training week so far. I am enjoying the rest and am looking forward to continuing the training tomorrow!

Summary for the week (Feb 4-10)

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: OTF including 4.5K
Wednesday: 10.5K on treadmill, progressively faster miles (I’m growing to love this run)
Thursday: OTF including 4.5K
Friday: 12K easy outside
Saturday: 8K easy outside
Sunday: 21.1K in the race, 2:22 total time (6:45/km)
Total for the week: 61K

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