Week 10: Half-way there!


I am a little late updating this week, but I had a great week of training. Everything feels strong, and my mileage is inching up. We are in the middle of a cold snap in Vancouver- but yes, the daffodils are in bloom. Can’t beat that!
I will be running the “First Half” half-marathon as a training run on Sunday to finish this next week. This race will be a bit of a milestone for me; I ran it last year, but soon after my training got derailed because of a slight injury. That lead to inconsistent mileage and loss of fitness. I picked it up in the summer and through the fall, and now I feel like I am fully back on the upswing. This past Sunday marked the end of Week 10, so I am officially half-way through my marathon training plan.

Summary of the week (Week of January 28-February 4):

Mon: Rest
Tue: OTF with 5K running
Wed: 10K
Thur: OTF with 4K running
Fri: 10K
Sat: 16K long run
Sun: 10K

Total: 55K

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