Week 9: Longest and hilliest run so far!


Training is still going well! I did my longest run of the cycle on Saturday, 21.1K as two loops of Stanley Park. 21.1K to make it the actual half-marathon distance, and two loops of the park because we were staying downtown for the night. Instead of the seawall I did two times around on the road, including up and down the hill to Prospect Point. That was TOUGH, and I’m glad I could do it. The rest of the week mirrored other weeks. My Wednesday run has become a progression run on the treadmill where I gradually increase the paces of each subsequent mile from one to five. Three OTF classes for a bit of a change.
I am liking the rhythm that has developed over these training weeks.

Summary of the week (January 21-27)
Mon: Rest
Tue: OTF, incl. 4K running
Wed: 10K on treadmill 62 minutes total, mostly easy, with 2 faster miles at the end)
Thur: OTF, incl. 4K running
Fri: 10K outside, very easy in 70 min
Sat: 21.1K, 2:28 (7:00/km) on hilly Stanley Park Drive
Sun: OTF, incl. 4K running, plus 3K more outside

Total: 56K

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