Week 8: Counting up and counting down


I found this watch face on Garmin Connect IQ apps which has a countdown feature to a date and/or event that you can set. Less than three months to the marathon- this is starting to feel very real.

This week a cut-back week; I dropped back a bit from the total mileage and long run distance that I had built to before. These weeks are built into a program to allow the body to absorb and adapt to the training. And it is working so far!
A bit about my paces: I have not mentioned the paces of my runs too much, because most of the time my plan is to run easy and finish strong. I don’t have a specific goal for the marathon, but based on how my training is going, I expect I will be finishing around 4:45-5:00 hours, or a pace of around 11:00/mile or 7:00/km. Some of my runs are faster than that, some are slower, depending on how I feel. The short runs at Orange Theory usually all faster portions in the form of intervals, and while I’m not doing any specific speed work outside of those classes, sometimes I will end my treadmill runs with a faster mile or two. This week’s log below gives a bit more detail on those paces.

Summary of the week (January 14 – January 20):

Mon: Rest
Tue: OTF, incl. 4K running
Wed: 10K on treadmill 62 minutes total, mostly easy, with 2 faster miles at the end)
Thur: 9.4K at 7:30/km outside (recovery pace)
Fri: 5K at 7:00/km outside
Sat: 8K at 7:30/km outdoor run
Sun: 16K cut-back long run, 1:46, 6:36/km

Total: 52K

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