Training Week 4: A change of routine

A view after my runs in south Florida; and me sporting my new BPL cap. 🙂

The holidays are always a time for spending time with family and friends, but it also usually means a disruption of the training rhythm. Still, running helps to keep me balanced during these busy times. I am late with my update for this week, because some travelling and life events had me moving things around a bit. But I am still running consistently and mostly following the plan. My body feels better with each run, and I can feel the adaptation kicking in. While travelling I have not been able to go to Orange Theory classes, and I’m not great about strength training without that. But after a short break I will be back to it in January.

During the middle of last week I was in beautiful south Florida, and then made use of some hotel treadmills during the rest of the week. I will be back travelling again this week; my normal running routine will resume on Monday December 31.

Summary of the week (December 17-23):

Mon: OTF with about 4.5K easy running on treadmill instead of the intervals. This felt great despite being the day after my long run.
Tue: OTF, including about 4.5K running (wanted to squeeze in one last session before the break)
Wed: Rest (Travel day)
Thur: 9.7K treadmill run
Fri: Easy run, 6.2K
Sat: Long run: 16K in 1:53 (moved long run to Saturday because of travel on Sunday)
Sun: 5K treadmill run
Total: 46K

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