Training week 3: Consistency

view from science world- mod

More of the same this week, with another 16K (10 mile) long run to finish it off today. Today’s long run felt much better than last week’s; I had thought about cutting back to 13K (8 miles), but I felt good enough to keep going.

Since this is the first time in four years that I have trained for a marathon, I feel like in some ways I am starting from scratch. I had several injury breaks in those four years, and setbacks which have slowed me down a lot. But this time I feel free from the pressure of a pace goal and am aiming simply to finish strong. I have to resist thoughts like “How will I ever finish a marathon if x-distance feels like this now?” I am taking the training week to week, and my body will adapt along the way. In marathon training, consistency the main goal.

Summary of the week (December 10-16):

Mon: Rest
Tue: OTF, including about 4K running
Wed: OTF, including about 5K running
Thur: 8K treadmill recovery run (legs were really feeling all the squats and strength from OTF!)
Fri: 4K easy run before class, then OTF, including about 4K running during class
Sat: 5K easy run
Sun: 16K long run in 1:52
Total: 46K

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