Training Week 2: Winter is coming


Another good week! There were some frosty mornings, so I did some runs on the treadmill indoors (along with my Orangetheory classes).
Today’s long run was actually wet and a bit warmer. I did 10 miles, or just over 16K, which is where my long run will stay for a few weeks. Since that’s about a third of my total weekly mileage, my legs are feeling it on the long runs, but it is starting to feel a bit better. My body is adapting. When it started to feel a bit hard on today’s run, I reminded myself, “I’m training for the Boston Marathon!” That thought brought a feeling of joy that carried me through the rest of the run.

Summary of the week (December 3-9):

Mon:  Rest
Tue: 8.5K easy run outside
Wed: OTF, including about 5K running
Thur:  9K easy treadmill run
Fri: OTF, including about 5K running
Sat:  4K easy run
Sun: 16K long run in 1:54
Total:  48K

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