Training Week 1: More base building

This week was the first official week of my 20-week plan. It was much like last week- but without the short relay race run on Friday night. Last week that race, although short, did make my long run a bit tougher– I do need to keep that faster running in check as I build the distance toward the marathon.
My long run today was 15K and felt really good. We were blessed with beautiful Vancouver weather yet again!
Vancouver 12-02-18

Summary of this week (November 26- December 2)

Mon: Rest
Tue: Easy run, 8.5K (1 hour)
Wed: OTF with only a small amount of running
Thur: OTF with about 30 min continuous running/speed work
Fri: Easy run on treadmill, 9K (1 hour)
Sat: OTF with a bit of running
Sun: Long run, 15K. Gorgeous!!
Total: 45K


  1. I’ve entered the Rotterdam Marathon on 7th April 2019 – so I guess we are on almost parallel tracks. That looks like high mileage for so early in the training – what is the marathon target time for that training programme? Good luck.


    • Good luck with your training!
      The longest run of the Charity Miles plan is supposed to be 21-23 miles, but I won’t run that far. I expect my longest run will be about 18 miles, which will take me about 3.5 hours. I’m not sure what they have planned for total weekly mileage. I am aiming for about 45 miles total per week at the peak. I am trying to get my weekly mileage more evenly spread out during the week. I don’t feel like my current mileage is super high compared to what I’ve done for previous marathons, although my last marathon was 4 years ago– I feel like a beginner again. 🙂 I am also roughly following along with an old Runner’s World beginner plan that I had from several years ago.


  2. Thank you. My last marathon was 20 years ago, so if you feel like a beginner again ….
    I’m not sure my body will take the sort of mileage you are planning – that is quite some beginner plan! Best of luck with it – I’m looking forward to following the journey.


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