Training Week 0 – Base building


Correction! Last week was “Week 0”. The first week starts today, November 26.

I will be receiving a 20-week training program from Charity Teams in the coming weeks.  Week 1 of the 20 weeks was this week, which we were told was “base building”:  “Get your running  up to 30-60 minutes 4-6 times a week.” Since I have already been running at that level for a while, I am in good shape to start their program.

Since July I have also been attending Orangetheory Fitness classes two-three times per week. This is a high-energy group exercise class that combines elements of cardio and strength, and always includes 20- 30 minutes of treadmill running. For those that can’t run on the treadmill, there is an option to use a stationary bike or an elliptical-like trainer. I have enjoyed these classes, and they have helped me improve my overall fitness; I want to continue to attend these classes as marathon training progresses, perhaps dropping to two classes per week when the training gets heavier.

For now, my weeks have looked something like this:

3 days: Orangetheory classes (“OTF”)
2 runs of 45-60 minutes
1 longer run of 75 minutes+
1 full rest day

For the week of November 19-25, my training looked like this:

Monday: OTF, including 25 min run + strength
Tuesday: 8K outdoor run, about 60 min
Wednesday: OTF, including 30 min run + strength
Thursday:  REST
Friday: 2K warmup, then 2K as part of “Run Crew Relay”. This was an unusual short evening race, and a fun chance to run with my work friends. There were five of us on the team; I covered my 2K distance in 11 minutes.
Saturday:  OTF, including 30 min run
Sunday:  Long run:  14.5K in 1:48.
TOTAL:  40K running plus three strength

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